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BSU President and its cohorts serve as living example

Please read!

“In view of the urgent call for excellence in Instruction and Research, The Administration adopts as a policy total participation in corporate pursuit of academic officials and faculty members in two areas of concern. Here forth, full professors, associate professors, and assistant professors without official designations are required to render 30 hours a week teaching without action research, or as an option, 24 hours a week teaching plus research, or as an option, 24 hours a week teaching plus research which should be submitted before the end of the semester.” Office of the President memorandum (March 11, 2003)


Corollary to this pronouncement, the following are the details for implementation:

Pure Lecture Subject w/ Action Research                 24 hours

Pure Lecture Subject w/o Action Research               30 hours

Subject with Lecture & Lab w/ Action Research       27 hours

Subject with Lecture & Lab w/o Action Research     33 hours

Technology Subject & PE w/ Action Research          30 hours

Technology Subject & PE w/o Action Research        36 hours”

           Office of the Vice-President Dr. Porfirio C. Ligaya

            Re: required teaching load of faculty members

            UNDATED MEMORANDUM to Vice President for

            Academic Affairs, Vice President for Extension Campus

          Operation, Administrator- ARASOF, Nasugbu Campus,

           and Administrator-JPLPC, Malvar Campus

“It has come to the attention of this Office that many faculty members would invite resource speakers indiscriminately without prior consent of the President or Duly authorized representative. In several instances, the President was placed in compromising or embarrassing situations for lack of information or notice of the presence of invited speakers. 

It is also sad to note that a speaker would be introduced by a student or by a teacher whose official stature is very much lower than the speaker himself/herself at the sacrifice of protocol and decorum.”

“To avoid repetition of compromising incidences, and in support of the policy on quality instruction, this office issues the following rules governing inviting of resource speaker(s).

1.       Resource speaker may be invited by discipline and not by subject.

2.      The theme of the symposium or seminar, as decide jointly by discipline instructors of department, should be discipline based.

3.       No invitation to resource speaker(s) should be sent out without prior clearance from this Office ”

(1)   BOOKS AND COMPILED LECTURES. Books are also BSU wide implementation for the reason of “Quality Instruction”. Besides for the fact that the faculty members who are forced to use the book are slash their ACADEMIC RIGHTS, those books are over price. Again, it is a source of corruption! The administration created a department where books and compiled lecture should be screened and reproduced. Where does the money go? Is this another BSU supposed money?

(2)   A THESIS ADVISER. Undated memorandum below clearly shows how greedy these EVP (sometimes mistaken as Eh Vakla Pala). During his time as a DEAN, he chairs all the defense of thesis, project study and feasibility study under his (her) department. Sometimes he request his poor Assistant-to-DEAN to chair as a SUBSTITUTE but the MONEY still go to his “Dirty Hands”. Imagine 10 groups to sit as a chair, how much he will gain for this particular example? Around Php 10,000.00, “Easy Money at the same time a Legal Racket” comfortably sitting in an air-conditioned room while eating his requested food from poor graduating students.

        “Please be informed of the University policy regarding the prescribed requirements for the completion of the undergraduate thesis, feasibility study and technical project study.

  • Only Master’s Degree holder can act and serve as adviser. In case the chosen/designated adviser is a non-major on the study being conducted, the researchers can avail the services/expertise of a technical consultant knowledgeable in that discipline;
  • The recommended maximum number of researcher per group is three (3), but tandem is being encouraged;
  • Accredited adviser can only advise a maximum of five (5) groups at a time.
  • The respective deans are authorized to designate advisers, chairman, technical consultant and members in the panel of examiners. Adviser will be taken from the list of accredited advisers by department and by discipline which will be provided by the VPAA.

               The suggested research defense  

                           Adviser          -           Php 1,000.00

                           Chairman       -           Php    500.00

                           Consultant     -           Php    400.00 

                           Member         -           Php     400.00  


  • Payment of these fees should only be given after the paper/study has been finalized (hardbound) and duly signed by all members of the panel.
  • Schedule of defense can be done either on the first semester or second semester of the year.

For your information and guidance and compliance. This take effect immediately.

                                       SGD. PORFIRIO C. LIGAYA, ED.D, PH.D.

What's next? BSU privatization? Don't let this happen. BSU belong to Batanguenos not to De Chavez Dynasty. ACT or loose our school?