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BreAnna's newest news!!

hey ev-ry-buhday!! I'm gonna try real hard to keep up with this site... it's especially for those of you that don't get to talk to me near as often as we should =) so this is what's goin' on... I'm not in school at the time, I've just been workin' at the Shack (come see me!!) trying to save some money and I DO plan on going to school next year... just to IvyTech to take some business classes and just do whatever from there... I'll probably transfer somewhere else later, but it's a start!! I'm still with Dylan... believe it or not, it'll be 2 years in April =) I love him with all of my heart!! I'm sure we'll get married... ONE DAY, but we've decided just to take it easy and not rush into things much... only bad comes out of that!! I'm looking for a bit of a change and kinda wanted to do something different with myself... I'm gonna go next week to get something pierced!! not sure what... probably my eyebrow, but we'll see =) and more than likely there will be a tattoo in my future... just a cute little one, so no big deal, but something somewhat adventurous *lol* I actually think that's about all for now, but I'll get back to you guys soon... take care of yourselves!! xoxox ~BreAnna~ xoxox P.S - I went to go see "50 First Dates" with my FAVE, Adam Sandler... it is SUCH a good movie and I strongly recommend it... y'all should go see it if you haven't already!!

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