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Welcome to Boustrophedon.
This is a free website of some of my writing and research. The Commentary on Revelation, originally published in a Kiswahili translation as Mwongozo wa Ufunuo wa Yohana (Dodoma: Central Tanganyika Press, 2000), has been removed as it heads towards a print form- for copyright and contractual reasons. Publishing details will be made available as soon as possible.
The background picture is of the sun rising, taken near Gilman's Hut on Mt Kilimanjaro in 1990.
I have recently altered the site by changing the links to .pdf. This is better than .html for academic writing, and I had difficulty in getting graphics onto html pages for Firefox users (like me). If you need Acrobat Reader for these pages, individual users can download it free from
Like all downloads, its at your own risk.
Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again!
Fergus King


Fergus King: Publications
Reflections On The New Testament and Homosexuality
Time To Ring Some Changes: Mission, Bible and Philosophies of Time
Nourishing the Inner Vision: Paul, Sacramentals and the Lion King
Order More Than A Passover
Inculturation: History and Aesthetics
The Kingdom of God (Lectures at NSTM, September 2009
Celebrity, Scandal and the Christmas Story
Social Justice Sunday 2008
Matthew's Gospel: An Answer to Financial Crisis?
I Made Judas the most Jewish: Rethinking the Role of Judas Iscariot in Lent and Holy Week
Baptism & Confirmation: Critical Reflections of Contemporary Practice
The Parish of the Good Shepherd, Kotara South
University of Newcastle, NSW- Staff Profile
God Is Love: On the Necessity of the Holy Trinity
Athanasius: On The Incarnation (trans. Lawson)
Antidote 1: take Before Attending any Training Day or In-Service Course
Antidote 2: Take Before Listening to Political Rock Songs
Through The Psalms: A Short summary of Walter Brueggemann
Opening the Scroll: A Commentary on the Book of Revelation
University of Newcastle Digital Repository 1
University of Newcastle Digital Repository 2

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