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The Pudding Page

This is a starter page all about the WOO's pudding or Willow. Willow belongs to the WOO. The Woo is the most fabulous woman in the world. Without the WOO the world would be a very sad and lonely place indeed. The pudding is the WOO's faithful cat and a very dumb cat is she. The Pudding met the Woo about five years ago, on a step. The location is E' it's grim up North-England. Johnny Vegas Country to be exact.

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My Favorite things about The Pudster.

My Favorite Web Sites

Compassion In World Farming
Altavista - Best Search engine there is
Angelfire HTML Library
HTML Gear - free polls, guestbooks, and more!

Now on a more Serious Note

This is a horrific Picture I am sure you will agree. For more information go to World Trade Cruelty

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