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Bipolar Help Understanding Updated

Lets start with some of the basic rules and add ingredients as we move along. It's not all that easy to see the early start of bipolarism, its just hidden by too much of our youth activities and body changes. However there are events we can factor in as one might call Observations of a persons character. Younger males and females are trying to locate partners and then adjusting to social ladders which is stressful. All of us can recall school days of trying to fit in. not being bullied, or trying for that matter to blend into the community. Finally after 30 odd years of living and teaching others, I decided to go deeper into the subject to help fellow bipolars and families get rid of the guilt.

First off the disease runs in families and is also a hereditary factor. Ok so know that depression runs in family trees, also alcoholism is the same, and suicide as well. The difference here is bipolarism can skip generations. The next step needs to be realized.....One of the best professors I had and certainly most successful...stated...Bipolars are recognized as the tip of the spear of society. Only the imagination and the energy level of bipolars create huge advances in our society. Over the years I have had quite a number of mensa young adults. In a nutshell bipolarism may form changes in civilizations. I was never gifted as much as great many were, but the things I worked on totally transformed. As a younger kid I sold tires to gas stations, and in just a few years developed programs to sell tires to Kmart and Sears (my energy and mind worked overtime).

Growing up is a tough time for kids and we are overly challenged, move a lot, have lots of stress, the roots of bipolarism can start. This covers a lot of ground but I would just use common sense, if as a kid we can't sleep for days our minds are being harmed. Food appetite can also be factors. I believe the biggest factors are If these relationships are not warm or at least friendly then we have a serious problem here. Generally communication is at the heart of the problem. Fact is my research work has uncovered one of the worst problems with our society.

We have all these new gadgets for communication and even used in the car too. Cell phones, text messages, I-Phones, every type of phone except I will warn every parent and grand parent and fellow bipolar client.Your communication skills are the worse communication ability ever. All of you are teaching your kids and family to fail. Those of us that have worked with communication know that man made sounds won't work with babies. Communication requires the time talk and most of all to listen. A speed text message can't reach the other person. All one needs to do is look at our political mess, right or left its the same. Lot of throwing voices out in the open...but few touching the ones they should. All this equipment and we are still deaf and dumb.

A bipolar gets terribly hurt when there's no communication and as times goes on we see how mania can be a result of so many wires cut or perhaps very few people left to talk with. For some of you that need help with communication you need to learn the times tested ? method. here's a process where you keep asking a stranger plenty of questions and allow the other person to answer and follow up. Done correctly your conversations will be better and you will never feel alone at parties using this simple trick.

Young people as a general rule need to learn about assertive behavior as it can change their worlds from bossy people or people that try to use you.

I spent time talking about growing up as this is where problems start. Identification is who we are and hope to work in. The problem now is where kids get messed up doing drugs, cutting, smoking, drinking, getting tatoos. The idea is to think good of ourselves and see this picture in our mind of the job we really want.  These other things distort the image. What I am trying to point out is that simple vision ....communication...we can defeat any problem ...yeah even bipolarism.

Alcoholism has been known over the years to be home grown method of dealing with bipolarism. Another problem not often mention is when people have a nervous break down. I had three of them and they were terrible.