By Wendy Thompson

Q. First impressions.
A. More than one reader will be shocked but I actually found this show interesting. It certainly steered away from the unrealistic "love story" ABC had been trying to feed us for some time now. The Bachelor series of Aaron and Andrew is all but gone, but this series moves along with a little more “realism” than the previous ones. Too bad ABC did not make this show right after Andrew’s series, I believe it would have salvaged the show’s reputation and perhaps ratings.
I found Charlie not only personable, but also honest enough to admit being on the show for fun. I like the way the editors inserted his comments about each woman as he shared some one on one time with them.

Q. I know you want to talk about some of the bachelorettes, but please continue with Charlie for now.
A. I just got a first glimpse at him tonight, but imagine Charlie as someone who is very social, friendly, straightforward, and honest with others. He is a little immature in certain areas, but basically what you see is what you get.
I have the feeling women probably find him more "fun" than "romantic", but my personal opinion is men are becoming less and less romantic, as time goes by, due to a sociological change in how both men and women visualize their respective roles in romantic relationships.
Anyway, getting back to our boy; I must admit being pleasantly surprised, and hope he goes through the whole process without getting tarnished by external influences from the producers.

Q. All right, let's talk about the women. First give me your overall opinion of the bachelorettes chosen for the show.
A. Personally, I feel they chose a good variety of women. Most of them are actually what I believe one would find on a night out to any place where singles meet.

Q. I don't know how to take that comment. Are you being a little mischievous here and playing word games?
A. Wendy, sometimes you take things too literally. I am saying most of these bachelorettes represent the average single woman out there in their twenties. I am grateful ABC finally decided to let us have a glimpse of their actual personalities, even if a great deal of them lack what I will call "social graces".

Q. Which ones did Charlie really like?
A. Too soon to tell, especially with this new format, but I will say perhaps the inside ring is going to be composed of only two or three women, Carrie may be one of them.

Q. Who else. Come on; be adventurous!
A. I may change my mind as the show progresses but I believe Charlie was also impressed with Sarah. We'll have to see what happens next week.

Q. I am going to be a little different this week and shoot some of the women's names to you. Just give me your first opinion of them. Let's begin with Danushka
A. Too sarcastic and full of herself.

Q. Geitan.
A. Wrong show for her. Not much place left for good old fashion values in today's single scene, most people in their twenties probably see her as an alien. I am still wondering what made her do "the monkey" during her 2 minutes with Charlie. LOL

Q. Kristine.
A. Two thoughts about Kristine; She needs to learn there is a lot more to impressing a man than taking off her dress and sitting on his lap, and her “move” seemed more like something a high school cheerleader would do.
Gloria Steinem would probably suffer a heart attack watching this show. All those tough years and look at the results!

Q. Kindle.
A. Charlie's imagination may go on overdrive whenever he sees her cheering, but I do not believe he is impressed with anything else in reference to her. Will probably stay awhile longer.

Q. Anitra.
A. Too quiet for our boy. I saw very little chemistry between Charlie and her.

Q. Gina Marie.
A. A little too pushy for Charlie's taste. Anyway, I do not believe he has much in common with her, nor does he find her as physically attractive as some of the others.

Q. What do you think will happen next week?
A. I have no idea, but you can be certain the catfights will continue. This group of women can make the cast of Survivor look like a bunch of kindergarten kids playing in the back yard!



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