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My Name is Janine Cuncarr, i am sorry i haven't updated this website in a long time. I am now 31 years old and as of 19th of January 2013 i got a puppy who was 9 weeks 6 days old a Shih tzu x Australian terrier who is my dream dog and my emotional support dog. She is 4 years old in November. Also as of 1st of may 2016 i emigrated back to the UK from NZ after 20 years in New Zealand very happy to be home. 

I have since 12th May 2016 taken up Aikido and am loving it. For a long time i didn't feel/wasnt accepted by others but now since starting Aikido i felt accepted pretty much instantly and now been doing it for 4 months and they are awesome people in the class and the instructor is great with me! I love going there i learn alot as well as try build up social skills, get out the house and socialise. It isnt easy at times due to my learning disability and Asperger's but i don't give up easily and still go. I have a red belt. 

I did finish in 2008 my early childhood course and passed it :)  

 Also if you wish to use any material from this site please get my permission before you do so.

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