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Overheard at the Reunion

People who came to Acapulco

Classmate List

Organizing Committee

Chat Room

20th Anniversary Reunion

Thank You for making our 25th anniversary such a wonderful experience!

Beautiful sunset view from Elcano

(Courtesy of Jim Aanderud)


Sonia Arakelian's home

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Our Class President

Gathered on Friday.

Beat Tepeyac!

Mitch and Bruce

Group Photo 1

Group Photo 2

Ready? ...

The End Result

¡A comer!

Juan and Debbie

James and Danny

Beautiful group!

Group of Ladies

The Colmans and Group of Guys

Enrique, Ingrid and the Espinosas

Ricardo, Andy
and 6 ladies

Heidi, Barbara,
Yvonne and Andy

¡A Bailar, se ha dicho!


Luis and Amy

George, Kevin, and Pedro

¡Qué Guapas!

Brian, Adolfo, Bobby, and Andy

Katrin and Friends

The Colmans and Doug

Salvador and Ladies

Many Ladies with Adolfo


Villa Alejandra

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Ready for the Beach Party

Leaving for
Villa Alejandra

Together at
Villa Alejandra

Villa Alejandra

Large Group

Group at Villa Alejandra

Toni, Genie, Sonia


A last-minute decision: There were many of us still in Acapulco, and like with any dream or fantasy, we did not want it to end... We met at Sonia´s for Paella!

Fun at Sonia's

Relaxing :)

Group of Friends

Yummm.... Paella!

Enjoying the evening

Friends, friends, friends!

Coach Colman

¡Qué serios!

At the Poolside

La Sobremesa

Andy and Katrin

Yemmy and Ale

Sonia and Gloria

¡Cuéntamelo Todo!


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En la Botana

... I'm telling you... !

25 years already?

Los Banqueros

Fun with Friends

Ken and Luis

Pedro and Eric

Los Ricardos

On the Way to Acapulco!

Debbie, Ale, Bonnie

A general view of Sonia's place on Sunday (Composite picture courtesy of Jim Aanderud)

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