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20th Anniversary Reunion

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How will you ever be able to top this... a Caribbean Cruise?
(Coach Colman)

Ustedes siempre nos consideraban a los de la Clase del '74 como "más grandes"... ¡Con este evento, demostraron ustedes ser los "más grandes"!
(Carlos Osuna, Class of '74)

Hi everyone, I attended the 25th for the class of 1976 in Acapulco Saturday night. They had events starting Thursday bu I was only able to go Saturday. They had 130 people, very organized.A partial list of attendees: Crump, Noyola, Knoblock, Gwinn, Amy Weston, Sonia Arakelian, D Margolis, Bolek, Mondragon, Hemphill, Farnos, Coach Colman!, AJ Foy, Dadoo, Small, Juan Osuna, Ferst,Ingrid Quirko, Cathy Austin, J Aanderuud, Kryzda, etc. That night they rented a mansion down from Las Brisas on the water for dinner and dancing with DJ and Marimba band, it rained for awhile and everyone dance in the rain, at 3:30 they brought our a whole al pastor set up!! and people started leaving at 5:30. I want you to know I represented our class with pride! 1975 presente! I was pleased to be included.

(Chris Clark, Class of '75, in Class of '75 forum)

Class of '77 beware! The Class of '76 has raised the bar in terms of reunion "reventones"! Me "cole" to the '76 reunion in Acapulco and, I gotta tell ya, it was a blast. Great location, great food, great people, great dancing. One of the best times I've ever had.

I have never been one to opine too much on these matters, but my experience this weekend would suggest several things:

1. despite the fact that I hate traveling on holiday weekends, I do now believe it is important to schedule the reunion around some stretch of time when you are guaranteed that those traveling can take at least 1 (if not 2-3) days off from work. A single 2 day weekend is just not enough to arrive, check in, un pack, get into the swing of things, and recover from the hangover in time to return to work the next week.

2. location, location, location. Easy-in easy-out is crucial because the whole object is to minimize time in transit in order to maximize time re-establishing acquaintances, partying, and recovering. A nice setting is very important, but nice accomodations are not absolute. If you've got the right atmosphere and the right people, limited accomodations can be forgiven.

3. Don't overload the itinerary. Two events over a three day weekend is fine, particularly if they run from 10PM untill 6AM (as the "76 events did). People need down time.

4. Manage expectations. By this I mean let people know in advance what to expect in terms of dress (formal, informal, beach wear, etc.) as well as whether or not children are invitied. Some of this (like what to wear) may seem silly but in fact it contributes quite a bit to people getting "into the swing" if they aren't having to worry about being improperly attired. Class of "76 did a great job in this respect.

5.Finally and most important, be flexible. Though the '76 dinner on Saturday was at an absolutely beautifull outdoor location, it began to rain early on. The class rallied to the challenge and turned what otherwise would have been an excuse for griping into the opportunity to throw all caution to the wind and dance in the rain (and the ocean, which was only a few feet away).

The moral of the story: entre amigos todo se perdona - so the key is to maximize the probability that people get into the right mindset by minimizing the time they need to spend worrying over how to get places, where to stay, and how to look.

Hope this helps, folks!

Besos a todos.

(Mark Petrinovic, Class of '78, in Class of '77 forum)


You know you're getting old when...

  • You have to be re-introduced to your buddies...
  • You have to wear glasses or crouch to read your weight on the scale...
  • You're looking at baby pictures... of teenagers!
  • (your)kids outrun you at the beach...
  • You pack your meds before packing anything else...

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