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Five years ago, a small group of people got together in the Middle School Library at the American School. What they had in mind was to organize a Class Reunion to celebrate our 20th anniversary. This small group of 7 grew in less than 2 weeks and held its first "official" meeting at David Weitz's apartment.

We worked in different sub-committees, kept meeting every few weeks at different homes. It was a lot of hard work, but in the end, we were able to organize one of the most successful Class Reunions ever... Our 20th Anniversary Reunion in May 1996!


This time, the Organizing Committee, a group of over 20 hard-working classmates got together again in Mexico City to start planning the first event of the new Millennium.... our 25th Anniversary Reunion!

Who is part of the Organizing Committee ? Well, so far.....

Finance CommitteeWelcoming Committee Events Organization CommitteeMerchandising Committee
Bobby Rodriguez Connie Brown Sonia Arakelian Emilia Kanan
Alejandro Calvo Debbie Margolis Debbie Margolis Rocio Lobo
Mitch Tamkin David Zarkin Toni Romano Georgette Karam
Ken Kryzda Ricardo SanchezGeorgette Karam
Pedro Noyola Adolfo Crespo Paty Gracia Medrano
David Weitz Elsa Bancalari
Beatriz Gonzalez
Roy Ayala
Patty Ford
U.S. Liaison Committee Directory Committee
Gaby Lopez Mercedes Avila
Lynda Ramirez Enrique Cuellar
Yvonne Chavez Barbara Estrada
Andy Sobel Connie Brown
Gustavo Montaudon Gaby Lopez
Sonia Arakelian
Luis Mondragon
Debbie Frenkel

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