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The Adventures of Pinocchio

by c. collodi


The Rev. Joseph Whitaker, M.A., was Master at Rivington Grammar School from 1815 to 1857. He was also Curate of Blackrod Church. He caused some disapproval in Rivington by letting the Schoolmaster's house and garden for a money rent.

Roger Garret was Roger
Gerrard of Anglezarke, living at Lester Mill, where there was a small textile mill and stone quarries.
Jemmy Brownlow was landlord of the Black-a-Moor's Head inn for a time commencing in 1828.

Ridgway, J.P., born 1765, died 1842, was joint owner with his brother Thomas, of Wallsuches Bleachworks, Horwich, and probably the richest man in the district; had his own pack of hounds, harriers, and had hunting rights over the district. He has been described as the founder of modern Horwich.
Analysis of this information causes me to place the writing of the poem about 1830. I like to picture the working class part of the Rivington community asking for this to be recited at the close of club night, or some other such celebration, at the Black Lad, and all the attendants beating time with their beer mugs on the tables to the Derry Down parts to show their approval and amusement of the sly digs at the local big-wigs of that time.