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Angels Gather Here     

Angels Gather Here   is dedicated to the blessings and grace each
and every precious child God provides in our lives. Ron and I have been
foster parents since 1972. In 1978 we had a very special experience
with a Down syndrome baby that was placed with us. We decided to
adopt this baby and named him Michael. Michael had Down syndrome
Hirshprungs Disease.

We learned many difficult lessons during Michael's lifetime.Michael
lived to be 23 months of age. His impact on our lives continues to
influence us. Even in our grief God was preparing us for the ministry
He was giving to us. Through the years since then many little ones with
various medical and physical problems have come and gone. In fact over
225 children and babies have come into our lives.

God is so faithful. He will use the most unlikely people to do what
needs to be done. He will never let you down. I've learned that there is
something worse than children suffering and dying and that is the
child that has to go through it alone. There are many children, that
for what ever reason, go through life alone, somewhere in a large
understaffed facility, in the corner of a hospital nursery or a home
where the family does not get information and/or support and help to
understand how wonderful their child is in God's eyes. We all
need prayer and love and so do they. I am convinced that NO child
is so disabled that he or she does not respond to love. God's love.
Sometimes they do not outwardly show it, perhaps because they are
being held captive in a body that doesn't work but they feel it inside.
Their soul is well and whole. I have felt tight, stiff, broken little bodies
relax in my arms when doctors have said that they would respond to
nothing. Some people would say these children are not worth protecting
in the womb and some are rejected after birth by society. I know God
does not reject these little ones. My desire is to become more Christ-like
in every part of my life.

Please 'ENTER' and meet our family.        


Expressions Of Gratitude

        For the rise and set of the sun each day....I am thankful
        For the bounty and beauty of the earth.....I am thankful
        For the home where the heart of my family resides....I am thankful
        For the enduring devotion of steadfast friendships....I am thankful
        For the pleasure of unrestricted laughter and silly moments....I am thankful
        For the numerous shoulders that share the weight of my sorrows....I am thankful
        For the pages of memories in my book of time....I am thankful
        For all I have and all I am able to give....I am thankful
        For a quiet moment at the break of day to renew my spirit....I am thankful
        I am grateful for the abundance of blessings in my life....I am thankful

1999 Terri McPherson
Windsor, Ontario, Canada     


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