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Today is . There are only: days until Bill is released in cinemas in the UK on February 20, 2015............

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September 12, 2014: Woman In Black: Angels Of Death in US cinemas in January
The Woman In Black: Angels Of DeathSeptember 12, 2014: Site updates
Today's updates: Articles about The Woman In Black: Angels Of Death

September 11, 2014: Site updates
Today's updates: Articles about A Little Chaos and Penny Dreadful.

September 10, 2014: Site updates
Today's updates: Articles about A Little Chaos and Peaky Blinders.

September 8, 2014: It's official: Helen is part of regular cast in season two of Penny Dreadful
Helen has officially been named a regular cast member for season two of Penny Dreadful. The second season begins filming later this month in Dublin, Ireland.

September 8, 2014: Site updates
Today's updates: Articles about Peaky Blinders and Penny Dreadful.

September 6, 2014: Site updates
Today's updates: Articles about Deloitte Ignite.

September 5, 2014: Site updates
Today's updates: Links to videos of complete short animated films narrated by Helen and Damian for Deloitte Ignite, and articles about The Woman In Black: Angels Of Death.

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Sun., Sep. 14 -- A Little Chaos is presented (screening today as the closing film of the Toronto International Film Festival, which takes place September 4-14, 2014, in Toronto, Canada.

Mon., Sep. 15 -- Muse Of Fire is released for online purchase worldwide.

Sun., Sep. 21 -- The red-carpet world-premiere screening of the first episode of the second season of Peaky Blinders takes place today in Birmingham, UK.

Sept. 2014 -- Muse Of Fire: The Resource, the collection of complete interviews (including Helen's) conducted during the making of Muse Of Fire, is released for free online viewing worldwide (specific date and details yet to come).

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