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Undying Spirit of the Forest

Itís Wednesday here
Itís raining in my head again
I find myself becoming lost in the darkness
Being haunted by the thoughts in my mind
I close my eyes
The memories dance before me
Faded glimpses of faces and places
Familiar and Unfamiliar the same
Nothing forbids my ability to speak
Yet I find myself unable to
Countless hours of these visions
Feel like an everlasting eternity
And I canít elude them
Even when I open my eyes
Darkness is falling upon my earth
My demons shall soon come to play

I am left with so many questions.
I am unsure where I should begin.

You have said that nothing can keep us separated, away from one another.  However, for two years, something has.  Why has it taken two years for you to return?

Understand why I cry.  I cry because I feel what I felt the day you went away.  I cry because the future holds such uncertainty.  I cry because I never stopped feeling, though I lied to myself and the world and said I did.  I cry because for two years I hid a part of me I thought I'd never see again, and now, it has returned.  I cry, because I'm scared.

Sometimes, just hearing your voice, listening to you breathe is all I need. Sometimes, nothing has to be said. Sometimes, I don't know what to say. I'm still feeling.

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