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Why practise Agnihotra?

We think we have found technological paradise. It will be our hell in the next years. Whether we like it or not we have already handed ourselves on a silver platter of technology into the jaws of death. Science and technology are different things. Science is the search for truth. What technology has done and persists in doing is nothing short of raping the land and the air we breathe of all nutrients by destroying plant life with pesticides and insecticides and polluting human beings with chemical fertilizers and food additives. All this is taking its toll now. Man cannot survive this era without a massive attempt to counteract the destruction.

Reports of the earth's imperilled state flood the media. Destruction of forests and contamination of other habitats is driving plants and animals to extinction. Gaps in the ozone layer threaten all biological functioning on the planet. Loss of life supporting topsoil threatens our food supplies.

We have witnessed terrific destruction of the planet. We have seen disease on the increase; deadly diseases spread with no known cure in sight, yet man continues to live in his folly, thinking he can pollute and destroy wherever and whenever he pleases and reap no consequences for such actions. This we know is false. We have seen the consequences. Some of us have witnessed nuclear power plant accidents, the effect of harmful pollutants on our soil, chemical spills poisoning our water resources and the damage pollution has enacted on our minds. Many people are like walking time bombs, ready to explode anytime. We have seen the escalation of crime, child abuse, domestic violence, drug abuse and alcoholism becoming the wave of today.

We have nearly reached a stage when there will be no reliable uncontaminated natural resources. All of our water supplies will be polluted. In some areas there will be severe droughts and in other areas terrific floods. We should understand that these times have already begun. We must rely upon scientific means to undo the effects of polluted conditions in the atmosphere, soil, water and on all life forms. The scientists and the governments know this. However, man's awareness is blanketed by myths of prosperity and by his ignorance towards his environment. The age of complacency is coming to a violent end and hence the need for Agnihotra and HOMA Therapy.

All living things in nature - plants, trees, forests, the crops we plant, animals and human beings-are exposed to such terrific pollutants that it becomes difficult to escape the deleterious effect. Microorganisms are rapidly dying in the soil. There will be no food to eat unless there is HOMA atmosphere. Agnihotra, the basic HOMA, is the way to save the world now.

When seepage begins from nuclear reactors and nuclear waste disposal systems, people in those areas will feel as if they are living on a keg of dynamite. People will become angry with the scientists for what they have done, for their lack of thoroughness when they began experimenting with radioactive materials, for not looking to the ramifications of misusing such power or for creating such a powerful menace. The scientists will be hard pressed for solutions. They will work diligently, relentlessly for answers. That answer is here. That answer is Agnihotra HOMA. Do not believe what we tell you. Try Agnihotra and be convinced on your own.

HOMA Therapy is an ancient science resuscitated through revelations. Time has come when the whole of society must change and revert back to the old way of doing things. Time has come to resuscitate the sciences given through the Vedas. Time has come when science has to be the guiding light for our lifestyle and not superstition as it is today.

The Earth's atmosphere is fed by HOMA fire. When Agnihotra copper pyramid fire is practiced, tremendous amounts of nutrients and fragrance are injected into the atmosphere. This is what will make our planet whole again.

We are heading toward a time never before experienced in our history. Just as rapidly as disease has spread, so will Agnihotra and HOMA Therapy take over the planet. Just as quickly as the land, sea and air have deteriorated, so man will experience the phenomenal change in the atmosphere by HOMA fire.


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Last modified: Wednesday July 27, 2005.