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Very Special Thanks (with whipped cream and a fresh cherry on top) to an anonymous donor, a life-long New York City resident, who paid for one year's paid site hosting! This lasts through 10 October 2010. Before, I was on geocities (which is closing) and there were site timeouts all of the time: people often could not surf this site due to its popularity. You too can donate!

Very Special Thanks to Bernd Wahlbrinck, who came up with the album idea, and its grouping concept, and encouraged me to include my thoughts in it.

Special thanks to Peter Gausmann for the page numbers for "phony."

Special thanks to Vasilios Manolios and his students for the page numbers for "dead," "depressed," and "lonesome."

Special Thanks to Leshaun Fossett for insightful photo ideas. (I haven't found all of them yet: prep school ads with archetypes, expensive leather luggage, generic hallway, checker board, "fuck you" signs, baseball mitt with writing all over it, old cannon, prep school with snow outside.)

Suzanne Morine