Exploring The Catcher in the Rye   :   Observations

Looking for Clues of Holden's Future in the 7 Up Documentaries
by Suzanne Morine

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Update on 49Up:
The participants were interviewed and profiled again at age 49.
    Charles continues to not be on the program.
    Andrew is looking considerably happier and more relaxed, even showing some of his fun humor we only previously saw back when he was seven. He has quit working as a partner in an international law firm and now works in corporate law. This is the same profession Holden Caulfield's father had!
    Finally, Neil has moved out of London and continues being involved in local politics (as a liberal in a conservative rural area). He continues to have no paying job.
    You can see a clip of Neil's portion of the movie on YouTube (it was put up by the movie distributor, so it's going to stay): clip from 49Up. There is definitely more of Neil in the actual movie. I can just see Holden's dream of homeless rebellion in Neil, just replacing writing for Neil's involvement in politics.

8 March 2007