Athens, 7:30 AM 8/28/2004

Visitors from all over the world came to see the most prominent site of Athens today. They arrived to find the Acropolis busy with people from the KKE party who, had placed 2 banners on the highest part of the walls of the Acropolis. In English, it read, "POWEL(L) KILLLER GO HOME". Upon explanation, the present government of Greece denied on-time access to the grounds, while the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) tried to open it to the people. Colin Powell recently cancelled his plans to visit Athens to attend the Olympic Games' Closing Ceremonies on Sunday. The protestors handed out flyers that read:

"Dear friend, visitor of Athens The Communist Party of Greece wishes to express the desire of the Greek people for peace, humanity and the preservation of our civilization, which can unite people all over the world.

Sports should help to unite the peoples of different nations, to develop true and courteous competition. Civilization and mass popular atheltics cannot be reconciled with animosity between peoples and with war. During the course of the Athens Olympic Games, the US and other governments have reduced to shreds the so-called "Olympic Truce". They have been slaughtering on a daily basis the people of Palestine and Iraq.

For the Greek people, the presence of Colin Powell in Athens represents a clear provocation. It should be made obvious to the minister of war that the policies of the US government are unwelcome and undesired by peoples all over the world.

We are defending our civilization, our history, the right of every people to determine its own fate. So that the so-called "New World Order" can be defeated, so that the occupation armies can be expelled from Iraq, from Afghanistan, from the Balkans. Freedom for Palestine. NATO out of Greece and Europe. No tolerance towards barbarity, cultural decadence and the wars of the USA, NATO and the multinationals."

Several local Athens TV stations had reporters and camera crews out to record the events taking place, and NBC had a camera crew in the lower Acropolis area. It appears that the KKE party believes that in modern times, as in Ancient, the American government's presence, is too apparent in many countries. They also believe the current war and killings should have been halted while the games are taking place, using the games as a temporary truce to unite all nations together. The KKE party only holds approximately 5% of the popular vote in Greece.

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