Past UFO Activity at Malmstrom AFB, Montana

Just after a shift change, during routine checks of Minuteman missile launch capability, the two launch officers in the underground launch facility discovered that ten missiles had suddenly gone into a "no-go fault condition" in their guidance and control systems.

UFOs hack launch systems at Malstrom AFB

Just after a shift change, during routine checks of Minuteman missile launch capability, the two launch officers in the underground launch facility discovered that ten missiles had suddenly gone into a "no-go fault condition" in their guidance and control systems.

The reason for the failure was never discovered, but above-ground personnel reported seeing UFOs over the missile silos. Malmstrom AFB, Montana

Early morning 16 March 1967 (some sources say 20 March) Calls began coming in to the Launch Control Center from security patrols and maintenance crews that they had observed UFOs overflying the Launch Control Center. One guard approached a UFO that was hovering silently near the front gate and was slightly injured. The UFO was described as being saucer-shaped and having a red glow. As these events were occurring, suddenly several of the Minuteman missiles shut down from "alert" status to "No-Go" status and did not come back on-line. A security patrol that was sent out to check the Launch Facilities also sighted a UFO, and lost radio contact with the Control Center at that time. Once again, a thorough investigation could find no cause for the missile shutdowns. The only way it could be duplicated was by introducing a 10 volt electromagnetic pulse onto the data line through the heavily shielded system.

Malmstrom AFB, Montana 18 October to 19 October 1975; 9:00 P.M. to 7:45 A.M. Base operations received nine reports of UFO sightings from the Cascade Eden area south of Great Falls, Montana.

At 4:20 A.M., officers of the Shelby Sheriff's office reported a UFO flying at high speed at an altitude of about 2,000 feet. Shelby is north of Great Falls. NORAD tracked the object on radar as it headed west.

Malmstrom AFB, Montana 7 November 1975

Electronic sensors detected something violating missile site security in an area designated as K-7, automatically triggering an alarm. There were no surveillance cameras in the area, so a Sabotage Alert Team was ordered to the area by Launch Control personnel. As the SAT team came to within a mile of area K-7, they reported by radio that they could see a brightly glowing orange disc as big as a football field hovering over the missile site. Launch control ordered them to proceed to K-7, but they refused to go any farther.

The UFO began to rise, and when it reached 1,000 feet, it was picked up by NORAD radar. NORAD ordered two F-106 interceptors to be scrambled from Malmstrom. However, the UFO continued to rise, and at 200,000 feet, it disappeared from NORAD radar. The F-106 jets arrived too late to see it.

The SAT team was given a psychological examination which indicated that they had been through a traumatic experience. The missile at K-7 showed indications that its computer targeting system had been tampered with, and it had to be removed. It was later revealed that Launch Control Centers at areas M-1, L-3, LIMA, L-6, K-1, and L-1 also reported UFOs that day.

Malmstrom AFB, Montana; 8 November 1975; 7:45 P.M. Norad radar detected unknowns heading south-southwest at 1200 feet. Once again, two F-106s were scrambled. SAT teams at areas K-1, K-3, L-1, L-4, and L-6 reported visual sightings of objects at low altitudes. The SAT teams reported that, when the jets approached, the UFOs would turn off their lights and become invisible. Then, when the jets had gone, the UFOs would turn their lights back on. At 9:15 P.M., teams in four different locations could see both the F-106s and the UFOs. Again, at 9:35, area L-5 reported that the unknown rose rapidly until it could not be distinguished from the stars.

>From the 24 NORAD Region Senior Director's Log: 8 NOV 75 (0635Z) - A security camper team at K-4 reported UFO with white lights, one red light 50 yards behind white light. Personnel at K-1 seeing same object.

8 NOV 75 (0645Z) - Height personnel picked up objects 10 - 13,000 feet, Track J330, EKLB 0648, 18 knots, 9,500 feet. Objects as many as seven, as few as two A/C.

8 NOV 75 (0745Z) - Conversation about the UFOs; Advised to go ahead and scramble; but be sure and brief pilots, FAA. Go easy and the pilots will not descend below 12,000 ft.

8 NOV 75 (0753Z) - J330 unknown 0753. Stationary/seven knots/12,000. One (varies to seven) object. None, no possibility, EKLB 3746, two F-106, GTF, SCR 0754. NCOC notified.

8 NOV 75 (0820Z) - Lost radar contact, fighters broken off at 0825, looking in area of J331 (another height finder contact).

8 NOV 75 (0850Z) - Directed ftrs to RTB (return to base).

>From SAC CP: L-sites had fighters and objects; fighters did not get down to objects.

8 NOV 75 (0915Z) - From SAC CP: From four different points: Observed objects and fighters; when fighters arrived in area, the lights went out; when fighters departed, the lights came back on; to NCOC.

8 NOV 75 (00953Z) - From SAC CP: L-5 reported object increased in speed - high velocity, raised in altitude and now cannot tell object from stars. To NCOC.

8 NOV 75 (1105Z) - From SAC CP: E-1 reported a bright white light (site is approximately 60 nautical miles north of Lewiston). NCOC notified. Between August, 1975 and May, 1976, 130 reports of UFOs or unidentified helicopters were logged in the Great Falls, Montana area. These reports were never explained.

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