A Painting by Aurte De Gilder

De Gelder UFO

Here is a painting by Aurte De Gelder, Dutch, in 1710 of the baptism of Christ. Look above, and see the disk shaped object overhead,shinning beams of light down to Christ. I think the Art Masters mayhave known more than we think. I am sorry the definition is not better, it was shot with a camcorder off of the internet, and then doubled in size. If I ever find a clear pic. of it, will post...but enough is there to see what he wanted us to see. Dennis

Aurte De Gelder painting THE BAPTISM OF CHRIST shows the artists rendering of the sky opening...in this case a UFO doorway to heaven see dimensional door research

IF YOU OR ANYONE YOU KNOW can provide us with a better copy of this classic rendering of De Gelder, or additional information regarding same, please contact the UFO RESOURCE CENTER as soon as possible webmaster@uforc.com Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

From: Dennis and Rebecca Gramm Date: Sun Sep 24, 2000 Subject: Christ Baptism painted by Aurte De Gelder in 1710

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