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September 25, 2000

WEEKLY BRIEFING A Weekly Summary of Current News and Reports 9.25.00

NASA'S MOST FANTASTIC PROPOSAL: SELF-REPLICATING INDUSTRY ON THE MOON BY 1999 New details on a previous study by NASA in 1980 to land a 100 ton solar- powered robotic factory on the Moon, which would automatically mine the soil around it, build a clone of itself in one year, with each clone building another one every year and so on, exponentially producing a thousand clones in ten years and a billion in thirty years...

AFTER 25 YEARS, MARTIAN 'FACE' STILL RAISES QUESTIONS A new article and public poll on the Face on Mars by FoxNews, showing that in the minds of the public, the origin of this and other enigmatic objects on Mars remains unknown, and the issue deserves continued investigation, much to the chagrin of NASA...

NASA'S 'ENHANCEMENT' OF THE FACE ON MARS: DELIBERATE FRAUD Cydonia researcher Mac Tonnies outlines how the new photo of the 'Face' on Mars, the now famous 'catbox' image taken by NASA in 1998, was misleading and an inaccurate representation of what the object actually looks like, while other independent imaging analysts like Mark Carlotto have produced properly rectified versions of the original raw image, showing the Face to still conform very closely to the previous images taken by Viking in 1976, onlynow with more detail...

LARGE NEW ICE DEPOSIT FOUND ON MARS What may be the largest near-surface underground ice deposit found so far on Mars has been discovered in the Solis Planum region near Valles Marineris; the deposit, thought to be the size of Arizona could provide needed water for future manned missions...

ASTRONOMERS PINPOINT BLACK HOLE AT CENTER OF MILKY WAY Astronomers have pinpointed with unprecedented accuracy an immense black hole with a mass of more than 2 million suns at the center of the spiral of stars that is the Milky Way galaxy. The researchers have spent four years watching stars spin closer and faster around the black hole, an illustration of its powerful gravitational tug...

YOUNG STARS BELCH FIERY GAS IN HUBBLE TIME Astronomers on Thursday released time-lapse movies dramatizing the fiery behavior of two young star systems, observations that could shed light on the genesis of our solar system. The nearby stars, less than a million years old, issue hot gas in blazing bursts of thick clouds or narrow jets, often so quickly that striking changes take place in weeks or months, Hubble scientists said...

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