Famous Painting Reveals UFO Secret

Flipio Lippi Painting Mary, Jesus and the UFO

By Dennis Gramm

Many of you have probably seen this before, but since we were recently showing some Great Art by Masters, thought I would send this for your viewing pleasure. This one was painted by an Italian artist named Filipo Lippi and the painting I believe is on the wall of a church in Italy. I am researching a great Dutch artist named Aert De Gelder, who in 1710 painted the baptism of Jesus/John the Baptist, with the dove above their heads, and above the dove is a huge aerial ship (disk shaped). Aert was also the greatest student of Rembrandt. These great artist knew something! If anyone knows where you can find this painting on the net, please email me, appreciate. I saw it several years ago on the back of a ufo magazine, and it does exist. I think it is in an art gallery in Holland, and am presently checking with them to see where it is located. Take care, Dennis Gramm

p.s. If you look at the painting, on the right background from Mary and Baby Jesus, you will see a man and his dog looking up into the sky, see the aerial object they are viewing. thanks.

credit=Flipio Lippi re-imaging done by UFORCE technicians


We have included this same image with a detailed legend. This image is marked by the alpha-numeric symbols A, B and C. The legend is as follows:

A. The brightly-lit opening in the sky, just above and to the left of the UFO ...
B. UFO hovering below and to the right of the opening in the heavens.
C. The man and his dog, pointing at the UFO (to the right and below the UFO). IS there is something missing? Yes!


Look carefully just below and to the right of the man and what many believe is his dog. (C). This is what appears to be a black, horned devil! This is one very unusual artifact, which is overlooked by most media documents. The question is, WHY? This "devil" appears to be looking at the Madonna and Jesus in the company of the winged cherub as the man and his dog look away! This could be another way for the artist to record a historical event. The HOLY BIBLE chronicles the ongoing conflict between Satan and Jesus Christ from Genesis through Revelations.

The cherub, as you may recall in my earlier works, could be what many call "greys." Although many still believe the UFO occupants are "extraterrestrial," they may in fact be angelic. The UFO occupants are represented here by the cherub in this early masterpiece. The wings of the angels, depicted by many artists, may only be symbolic, which was their way of communicating that angels have the capability of flight. I do not recall any of the angels in the HOLY BIBLE ever having wings. I've heard that seraphim have wings...

re-imaging of original source done by UFORCE technicians

PLEASE NOTE: The image above was cleaned-up after we had discovered that the image looked sloppy. We did not re-touch the inside of the border, we only cleaned up the errata surrounding it. There may have been some loss of resolution after the following conversion process:

ALTHOUGH We did not visually detect any loss of resolution, there will be always be a small loss of quality when you bounce from a jpg-gif-jpg-bmp-jpg during image processing. Do your own comparison... CLICK HERE To view the original image before we cleaned up the border;

Reference #1: Dennis and Rebecca Gramm Date: Sun Sep 24, 2000 Subject: Flipio Lippi painting of Mary/Jesus/UFO

Reference #2: Dennis and Rebecca Gramm Date: Sun Sep 24, 2000 Subject: url of Flipio Lippi Painting; here is the original url for the Flipo Lippi painting; SOURCE = http://www.xproject-paranormal.com/archives/ufo/photo/maryufo1.jpg

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