CAUS Director to Ask Federal Judge to Reopen CAUS Lawsuit

PARANORML NEWs NETWORK (P3N) SPECIAL REPORT CAUS Director to Ask Federal Judge to Reopen CAUS Lawsuit September 25, 2000 Sedona, Arizona (P3N) Attorney Peter A. Gersten, Director of Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS) the Arizona-based activist group dedicated to exposing the truth about this planet's interaction with extraterrestrial intelligences, stated today that he will soon be filing a motion in federal court asking Judge Stephen McNamee to set aside last March's dismissal of the CAUS v. Department of Defense (DOD) lawsuit. The basis of Gersten's request is the newly released documents sent to Gersten by the DOD pursuant to a subsequent FOIA request. The documents include responses from Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) employees who were directed to conduct search for information on the triangular aerial object. Though the DOD component has over 200 employees, only 9 responded, 6 of whom viewed the CAUS request as a joke. Catching up with the UFO lawyer on his daily trek amongst Sedona's red rocks, Gersten told P3N that he believes that if these documents had been included in either the original or supplemental DOD affidavits, Judge McNamee would not have concluded that the DOD conducted a "reasonable search" and would not have dismissed the lawsuit. "I can imagine DOD personnel sitting around on a coffee break laughing about the CAUS request and never even bothering to do any search, let alone a reasonable one" said Gersten . "These documents are considered 'newly discovered evidence' and provide me with the opportunity to reopen the lawsuit and hopefully convince the Judge to allow me some form of limited discovery. "What concerns me most" continued Gersten as he took a drink of water, "is Tricia Rohrkemper's response when one of the DARPA employee's asked to see the photo and sketches I had included in the CAUS request. She e-mailed the employee that 'this is not the response I wanted.' Not unexpectedly the employee e-mailed back that he had no information about the craft." According to Gersten one DARPA employee responded that she carpools to work each day on such a craft while another asked if the request was "a joke." "And what happened to the other 190 employees who didn't respond at all? Did they simply throw the request in the shredder?" asked Gersten. "DOD regulations require employees to conduct a reasonable search. The DOD submitted affidavits to the court stating that no records were found. Now we know why. You can't find records if no search is attempted. There is no question that the DOD misled the court." Though the case is on appeal, Gersten is planning on filing the motion in the U.S. District Court in Phoenix sometime this week. "And to think I had anticipated working on a different type of UFO lawsuit this week" declared Gersten with a sly smile as he continued up Snoopy Rock.


This just in from CAUS. It's an e-mail from a US Gov. employee, who speaks out about the recent DoD document search. (See reference #2)
E-MAIL HIGHLIGHTS: "Let me understand this: government employees - paid by taxpayers - believe they are above the law. No wonder I have lost trust in the honesty of my government. I am a State of California employee, if a citizen of the State of California makes a request I treat it with the same respect I would if one my doctors makes a request of me. It is my job to serve the public. I want each and every one of the those people in the Department of Defense to be held accountable to the public; I want their names and I want their superior told to respond to CAUS' request for reasonable search. If I would have behaved the way those DOD employees behaved? You can be sure it would have not gone un-noticed, and possibly a written reprimand would have gone in my employee file." --Kathy Kasten

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