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UFO Scotland Online - That crash on Jura has not been solved, the object that I myself and many others saw that night was not a helicopter, more of a meteor. The helicopoter was already on the scene. Mark(Reference#1)

> Hello, this is David *snip* am curious as to why you reported a crash near to the Isle of Jura was a ufo crash. Have phoned the Isle of Jura newspaper office and he feels sure what you are referring to what only turned out to be a helicopter crash, not that I have phoned the RAF to find out their statement on that : if there were no reports of a heli crash in the papers at the time that would make the Jura response a little mysterious. What's the full low down on that incident? What is mysterious about it? >(Reference #2)

UFO Scotland Online - Hi Dave and list, Firstly, Dave, I would like to enquire as to who on the list you are addressing and what are you responding to? Seeing as my name was included in the reply mail, I thought I would write and try to understand why as well as what you are talking about. The case regarding the Isle of Jura crash was closed a while back with the conclusion being that the wreckage of a downed helicopter was responsible for the anomalies reported that night. However, at the time of the incident, and for a long time to follow, none of the armed forces or authorities admitted to losing any of their aircraft and thus the mistery surrounding the incident. Naturally people began to ask questions to which there were no forthcoming answers, at least initially. There is even still some contraversy regarding the anomalous sightings that took part that night, as some of the witnesses to the event are not willing to accept that it was merely a helicopter that crashed into the sea. As far as the case itself goes: This case has been exhibited on the ufoscotland website almost from day 1 with regular updates being made to the case as they arose, at one point it was indeed a mystery and strangely baffling, but has since been solved as mentioned on the UFO Scotland website (if you read the whole report from start to finish) Finally, the one thing that strikes me as odd David is that you write into the list on many occasions and hint that you know so much from so many secret official sources etc, yet you never disclose any of your sources for further research. What I would like to ask is how can you be so clued up about things which are very difficult to prove and in some cases downright unrealistic , then on the other hand you fail to see the conclusion of a fairly well known and well documented case when it was laid to rest some time back. I thought it was common knowledge :0) I hadn't even mentioned this case in any of my previous posts, especially the one you responded to so perhaps you would like to explain this to me? I am very puzzled. Thanks for your time and all the best to our listmembers, looking forward to your reply Dave (Reference #3)

UFO Scotland Online - http://www.ufoscotland.co.uk I along with a few others, actually saw the object that crashed onto Jura and I can assure you that it was no helicopter, in fact local residents say that the helicopter was on the scene before the 'crash'. Radio stations reported the event after it occurred, then there was no more news apart from newspaper stories. Mark (Reference #4)

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Reference #1:To: "UFO Scotland Online" From: Mark Subject: Re: [UFOscotland] Isle of Jura crash From: "Dave Ledger" Date: Mon, Sep 25 2000

Ref #2: From: "Parallel" To: (dledger@ufoscotland.f9.co.uk) Sent: Saturday, September 23, 2000 3:39 AM > Subject: Fund for Scientific Research >

Reference #3: To: "UFO Scotland Online" Subject: Re: [UFOscotland] Isle of Jura crash From: "Hannah" Date: Mon, Sep 25 2000

Reference #4: To: "UFO Scotland Online" Subject: Re: [UFOscotland] Isle of Jura crash From: "Hannah" Date: Mon, Sep 25 2000

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