You and I

I am lost, for I am sad.
I lost something I wish I had.
I am breathing, but am I alive?
My body has left me and since has died.
I have no mind, I can't explain.
And you don't know the length of my pain.
I need to say what's on my mind.
But as I do, my thoughts go blind.
Deep inside, I know you care.
For when I cry, I see you there.
I can't find out, how or why.
I thank God it's you, that you're alive.
Life has it's moments. Life has it's times.
Sometimes it's lonely, sometimes it rhymes.
Like the sound of a poem life can be.
It opens my eyes and lets me see.
It opens my heart and lets me cry.
It opens my mind and lets me fly.
But you won't know and so will I,
Until life as a whole will pass us by.

copyright 2000 Joseph Michael Egan