I find myself standing in the dark because of you.
you make my life subdue.
And yet until now it wasn't complete.
I am singing alone but I've left my feet.

The dreams I have because of you.
Will never come true.
Unless you say yes to my face.
With all your grace.

but until that time I think of you.
And everytime is new.
And every time is a simple way.
To pass my fears along each day.

My eyes want to cry because of you.
And in everything you do.
Won't be enough.
but my feelings are tough.

But soft when it comes to you.
For with your soul my life renew.
Something of me I've never seen.
With all your love and all your glean.

To never be unseen with you.
My confidence soared and I grew.
And maybe you have no clue,
But as the day longs
And sings it's songs.
I wrote this poem for you.

Copyright January 1st 2002 Joseph Michael Egan