When I Started Writing

One rainy day I started writing.
In the dimness of room, from faded lighting.
And I donít know why, I just started writing....
And the words from their refuge, came out of hiding.
I never thought I would begin,
Breaking off my daily sin.
Something comes from me within.
Breaking off my daily sin.
So I opened my eyes and what was seen.
Not the rhymes of writing, but what they mean.
So I grabbed a pen and started writing.
And the fire from phrases were still igniting.
Until the day I die, from the day of birth.
Youíve made it worth, the sky and earth.
My life is warm beside the hearth.
For youíve made it worth the sky and earth.
So I thank you God for each passing day.
For you make my sins no longer stay.
My entire life, you gave me ring.
To sing the songs that songs can sing.
For my spirit alone you continued fighting.
The path of my ways remained in lighting.
So I grabbed a pen and started writing.
And the reel of my prayers continued biting.
I donít know why, my life is blinding.
But you wash away my daily sin.
But since Iíve prayed, I started finding.
Some day, Iíll be with you again.

Copyright ©2001 Joseph Michael Egan