From Lies to Truth

I am riding down the steep hill. Troubles at my back.
The pain of summer shadows still. And breathes onto the track.
I am riding the street, pale and thin. The sun burning my troubles as I go.
A tear of sweat beneath my chin. Tells me I am riding slow.
I speed the pace like a man at war. And the quickness hides my shame.
The sun, she tells me what I'm for. The faster one, the first to blame.
I enjoy my power, like a man with a gun. The track knows I control.
And here I gloat and tell the sun. Look at the power my quickness stole.

But a shadow comes and covers my soul. I am a child no longer to stay.
Digging deep an endless hole. I turn my soul the other way.
Sun at my face, problems come near. I am slow and pale as I was before.
I ask God for help along the way. For I am no child here to stay.
Because the hill is dark and steep. I have faced my troubles deep.
Ill reach the top, with God smiling down. I'll hold the breath of summer's youth.
The sun sees me and echoes a frown. For I have changed from lies to truth.

Copyright 2001 Joseph Michael Egan