They both relate

Hate, covers your face, it brings disgrace.
You know all to well, the hell, the life you canít replace.
Fate is real, the way you feel.
Itís your other half, your second path, The side that heals.
Hope and hate you have the two.
Both bring out, the soul in you.
Look at hate.
Look at fate.
Look at how they both relate.
Fate, the vision, every dreamer holds.
You vision is changing, always to mold.
From the inner soul, the bottom of tears.
Drowning away, the problems you fear.
Watching and waiting, but what can you do?
Life is a problem, not easy for you.
I am so amazed by the light you bring.
The hope you have, the song you sing.
Hate, the only love youíve had.
Depressed at times, but never sad.
With hate and hope, you hide the shame.
At times, like you, I feel the same.
So look at hate,
Look at fate,
Look at how they both relate.
And quietly from the depths of your tears,
passing the years,
the end of your tears.

Copyright ©2001 Joseph Michael Egan