The Way the Elevator moves

Scene: Broken down elevator; standing, a couple, both twenty years of age.

Man: What happened here? What happened here? Do not we move, are yet we still?

Woman: Oh, no we move, and move we shall. I say itís truth and truth is how, we move again, see it now?

Man: I think we move... But only for the words you speak, that I implore. Is it obvious truth I should ignore? It appears me not that move we make, for I feel no movement and feel not shake--

Woman: But trust me love, weíre not standing still! Be not objective, be not shrill! What are those horrible thoughts you feel? Please donít say you think theyíre real!

Man: It must be my mind; my mind it is. For you feel so soft, and give me thrill. So if weíre moving, only from your will, I remain not bitter, remain not shrill.

Woman: Oh trust me dear, if you are my man, weíll be there soon, can you see the hand? And by their sings where the numbers call? Now itís twelve but soon will fall, down to four, and then will stall, and weíll get off, then us all, down to our door.

Man: The way you talk, it makes me weak. For I see no change in the numbers I seek. Itís stuck on twelve, itís stuck on twelve! Can you speak me honest from the lies you dwell?

Woman: How dare you think itís lies I make! For I lie not now, remain not fake! How dare you let those words escape! For what I say is never lie, what we see with both our eyes; never lies! Why donít I help you realize and after I kiss you, again you try?

She kisses him on the check

Man: (thinking to the audience) I know what I see, and move is not! No chance nor knowledge upon my sight. But if she gives me love why fight? If I had something dear tonight, whether she be wrong or right. If not for twelve, then should I stay? To let her see her own mistake? Maybe I should lie amid her way.....

Now talking

Man: Oh yes, I see we finally move, we finally move. Come to me now then, if you care. Lest the elevator door need repair.

Woman: Be with you, I most certainly will not! Youíre head's been filled with useless rot. Tell me not, until your idle brain will clot. Much ignorance is found in a man of naught.

Man: What do you want!? What do you want!? For at first I tell truth and then do not! And then you change your answer too? What type of girl are you? To lie me twice as patience withdrew, tell me exactly it was you knew!

Woman: I changed my mind. Canít thoughts still change? Can I let them alter, rearrange? I think you dumb as well as strange. For we are stuck no moreís to change.

Man: Iíd like to think a different way...........

Voice calling from above can be heard

Operator: Can you hear me, man and lady? Be not afraid though you are still. If you move then will you tell me? Before this elevator kills?

Man: What do you think we shall do then? Judging on what the man just said? Should a call for help one of us send? Or wait here now until the end?

The woman doesnít speak

Man: And yet you do remain still bleak!? Your mouth is gaudy, eyes are meek. In all the truth that you tried to seek, will admitting wrong still make you weak?

Woman: Make me weak? Of course it canít The only reason I would, to stop your rant. Save me, less I have you dead. And take another man instead.

Man: Help us! Help us, do it now! For weíve lost all hope, since we were found. Operator please come quick. For her icy cold will prove soon slick.

The elevator starts to move

Man: It moves, it moves! He made it work, and this it proves an ended quirk.

Woman: Answer me now;
If we move, what would it prove? That I am mean that I am prude?

Man: If you were blind, as blind as me, the numbers arenít moving from what you see. So weíre stuck in eternity. And weíll never be what we want to be.

The hand stops at four

Woman: Iíve had enough, donít you see? Wait it out, donít come with me!

Man: Stay I will, but I will see.

Woman: Iím sorry that youíll never be.

Man: Was there ever hope for you in me?

Woman: There never was, I dragged you a long for a ride of glee.

Man: Well, now that itís over, I guess Iím free.

The elevator crashes down, right after the door closes from the Woman. The woman looks down, sadly.

Woman: Let me find someone to give me pity, for I loved him more that words can say. For I never would lie, in good or bad..... For all eternity.

Thursday, November 28, 2002