The song of a loner.

I loved it when she lied to me.
Each brand new day Id see.
How cruel a love could be.

But I hated the pain that she made mine.
She killed it at the perfect time.
Leaving me blind.

But if God could give me one more chance.
Id give it hope and let it dance.
The broken hearts trance.

I awoke each morning thinking of her.
Six in the morning my problems were.
Or where the thought of love occurred.

Id walk the pale dark street.
Where my love and I would meet.
Id take a seat.

Id hold my breath and pray to die.
Watching people pass me by.
Asking God why.

How could love leave me lone?
A fragile heart as mine was prone.
To shatter nowhere known.

While thinking back on all the pain.
Id think Id do it all the same.
In each passing frame.

I discovered myself.
Never using love as help.
And though I sleep on a love-less shelf.

-Id do it all the same.

Copyright January 4th 2002 Joseph Michael Egan