Teenage love

If love is real, I wonít be woken.
For all these words can soon be spoken.
And when love is real, freedoms are sin
To the self one never sees again.
-Like the belligerent charm of a woman.
All her secrets one could be;
One changes their thoughts to make agree.
So if love will come with the waking of me.
Then love is blindness and I choose to see.

If love is perfect then I am maimed.
One lies to love to live in fame.
And as it drifts one feels the shame.
Thereís never reason, only rhyme
As an obsession that dies with time.

If love is God then I am hell.
As is the feeling for the one you fell
In love with, in the hopeful eyes.
Eyes in time, they soon despise.
Itís in these eyes
That blindness thrives.

If love is beauty, I donít want to look.
As one attaches on this hook.
And one will watch their ways soon change.
Watching how their ways were took.

If love is health, then Iíll soon be dead.
One may feel healed, when instead, they only find.
Placebo for their wasted mind.
And when itís gone, they sing their songs,
Pitiful as it is wrong.
Like I before, they go on.

Kill your love,
close itís door.
What do you really need it for?
Teenage love is masturbation
And nothing more.