In My Perfect World

In my dream is a vision of what is perfect.
And in my dream my hopes came true.
Every single hope came true.
In my perfect dream.
Life came together, as does a person with a best friend.
But dreams are not real.
My hopes are not as they seem.
My life is a massive problem and it starts at the beginning,
trapped with no where to turn.
I continue to hope and dream.
but it does nothing to untangle me from my web of misfortune.
I take a good look at what my life means.
My mouth is dry from having nothing good to say,
to others or myself.
My body is limp from being beaten with the troubles of life.
my ears are blocked with no sounds of hearing something good.
My feet are battered from walking away from my problems.
And I still hope and pray that life will be perfect someday.
What's life living? With out you in my world?

Copyright 2001 Joseph Michael Egan