No Time

A child is born and breathes the air.
Of what two parents had combine.
The living dream two parents share.
A child starts to cry.
A child's unending painful tears.
Two parents drink thier wine.
A creation of life that's so unfair.
A child lives a lie.
Half of his life, alone at daycare.
A child is forced to confine.
With an empty feeling and his torn stuffed bear.
They drop him off at five.
A living soul, so unaware.
Because two parents don't have time.
A human life with no repair,
raging arguments intertwine.
Crying alone, on a broken chair.
His parents make decline.
Hiding in a room, with a lonely stare.
his parents soon resign.
Living life from here to there.
Two parents draw the line.
A father pays the taxi fare.
But the mother waits by the sign.
The child turns away from his father's glare.
And to his mother he doesn't pass by.
For his entire life, was so unfair.
Because two parents had no time.

Copyright 2001 Joseph Michael Egan