I hold my breath,
As I pray;
And try to end,
My bitter hate;
I end the people
I hate most;
The ones at school
Shall be my ghost.

In my head,
When times are bad,
I’ll think of them,
Remain still sad;
So immature
as do they seem;
my mind can’t filter,
mind can’t screen;
The good or bad,
as I see it seen;
A catholic wealthy
Church regime;
Unclean of everything
they preach;
Of love and christ,
And what they teach;
To love another;
Give them drink;
No priest or nun
can make one think;
Outside the classroom;
Outside the will;
So feel their evil
As I do feel:

I once was like a child like they;
I wore my idol cross each day;
I prayed an ‘all star’ cast of saints;
To make me sure that I was safe;

But then God came who really saves;
Like what those teenage girls will say;
“You’ll find true love”
God was my way;
-But worship not, the golden calf;
Nor cross, the christian “bigger half.”
Partake no blood;
Partake no dove;
-I try it still, but a sign I love;
I changed my Lord how I saw fit,
But God said no, and made me stick;
Conversion slowly taking time,
From the land of thought,
No longer mine;
As people wait and watch for sings,
I watch and wait, for the coming time

Thursday, October 17, 2002