A lonely Month in May

Sometimes I wish I was someone new.
sometimes I wish I could be with you.
Sometimes I wish I was someone else.
But the question is what would I do.

There are days when my life is feeling free.
Times when the only one is me.
When life goes by and I don't care.
There are times when my eyes can see.

Days pass by when life is grey.
passing by when I can't say.
What's on my mind and what I think.
Like a lonely month in May.

There are certain things they hate me for.
Times when they hate me more and more.
When all they care is how bad I feel.
They make my life a bore.

But life can better, life can change.
You make life better and rearrange.
And when you cry because of joy.
Your life is fully trained.

Copyright 2001 Joseph Michael Egan