Iíve learned

Iíve learned.....
That sentimentalness is an ass, and so are you.
If I read or ever hear again, your completely untrue proverbs,
of how friends will always be friends, how someone always loves me,
Or how we all are unique and special,
someone will die.
Iíve learned.....
That people like you, are never happy.
You canít make decisions, stop crying, or ever love yourself.
Contracting your stupid proverbs.
Iíve learned.....
How to be a fake like you.
You are constantly faking a smile, all the while, while internally dying.
All acquaintances, and no friends.
Iíve learned.....
That life is a chore, a toy, a game, Meaningless after the time being,
But everything when played.
And yet, you ramble your proverbs,
like an ass teaching an astronaut to fly.
Iíve learned.....
Of the great sorrow of your life,
but also how you brought it upon your own being.
Iím being perfectly honest, because
Iíve learned.....
You hate my honesty.

Copyright ©2001 Joseph Michael Egan