In Between

I used to love the days she'd bring,
but now am somewhere in between.
Still my unforgotten dream.
You are somewhere in between.
The heart is red,
    As grass is green.
And here my heart is in between,
Aside the grass, blood forms a stream.
The heart is somewhere in between.
Gap apart, the gap could close.

To pass I tried, the gap I chose.
Iíll pass the gap to hear you sing,
Making music so serene.
I sow the inner seem.
And life within a days routine.
My boredom runs when you are seen.
For now, I place you in between.
Your eyes unknown.
Her eyes are seen.
But still my heart is in between.
Because with you, I donít convene.
My heart is in an endless dream.

As I listen, I will hear.
Once again, the sadness shown.
And as you wear you current fear.
More the days you cry alone.
    Alone and crying but never seen.
Your life is somewhere in between.

You, my unforgotten dream!
In my mind, you are the queen.
You are love as grass is green.
But you are somewhere in between.

Like the clouds of the air, you are serene.
Serene is how you seem to me.
You take my soul and make it free.
But leave it somewhere in between.
In the earth, in all thatís seen.
You are such the scenic scene.
Always, my unforgotten dream.
Love is somewhere in between.

Copyright ©2001 Joseph Michael Egan

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