Just Friends

you are the hope that I can see.
you are the light that lets me breathe.
And now you've left and let me be.
That's why I'm crying my final plea.

As my friend, you're here to stay.
I hope to God, you'll do the same.
For with out you, my life portrays.
A lonely man with high dismay.

Please be here, be a friend.
Be my light but don't pretend.
The hope for you will never end.
I only want to be your friend.

I need to know that you still care.
To have a friendship, we both share.
And when you feel that life's not fair.
I hope you know that I am there.

I'm sorry for everything I said.
I'm sorry for where my hatred led.
I'm sorry now, but wasn't then.
I have the truth, and what must end.

The light and the day make no difference to me.
The night and the dark I never see.
And now you've left and let me be.
please be my friend, for you and me.

Copyright 2001 Joseph Michael Egan