The Soul in Me

Holding fast the words I speak. Looking past the life I seek.
Walking darkness, my eyes don't know. Living life, but living slow.
A changing world from then to here. Transparent life, but never clear.
Running through the times I hate. The truthful ones, the ones who wait.
Yelling right before I break. Swimming in an endless lake.
Doing something I don't believe. Something so wrong, words can't perceive.
A shining light is what I see. The only one that follows me.
But when life has soon outgrown it's stay. Living soft, as soft as clay.
Despair arises and grasps the day. A couple of words, the truth will say,
Dream about the times of past. The ones of hope the ones that last.
Dream for what you wish you had. For living life is living sad.
Dream for what you want to be. In all their eyes is you they see.
Dream for anything you may. For when you dream you never pay.
Dreaming is harmless and always free. For someone loves the soul in me.
I Dream and lay into my bed. Thinking thoughts inside my head.
Pretending that I am someone new. Dreaming all I want to do.
but when I wake and dreams are done. No ones loves the soul in me.

Copyright 2001 Joseph Michael Egan