The feeling in my soul is gone. And I am here a man withdrawn.
Echoes of vain, of a lonely past. A desolate soul of a shadow's cast.
The light I had is now withdrawn. And here I stay, a useless pawn.
Look at me, my lonely stare. Blood flows in veins, as pain through my cares.
Feelings are changing, passing in time. A feeling once had, this feeling of mine.
I lost all feeling, I'm freezing to numb. Passing each day, no movement of tongue.
the pain I feel, will not last long. For I am waiting, an endless yawn.
A shadow moving amongst my soul. It glanced awhile, but never stole.
I think of me, a lonely stare. I see it stopping framed in air.
The heart I had has since been torn. And I am left, a man, reborn.
I know I can't, but still I try. To watch the fire passing by.
I know I am, but won't deny. Inflamed, the soul, will never die.
The place I am, I don't belong. And here I give a faceless dawn.
Take my feeling, and let it rest. And save it only for the best.
The feeling in my soul is gone. But soon again it will be drawn.

Copyright 2001 Joseph Michael Egan