What Would I Do
If to live, I had twenty years.
I would travel the world and face my fears.
I'd see every race and every land.
And meet every face and every lad.
If to live I had ten more years.
I'd become a saint and bless my peers.
And if a sin is what they commit,
I'll bless them once more and the sin will lift.
If to live, I had five more years,
I'd write a novel until death nears.
And on the day I'm finally dead,
you may read the book I never read.
If to live I had a year.
I'd record a song so you may hear.
When I've finally gone away.
You may play my voice and make me stay.
If to live I had a month,
I'd check my life from back to front.
And If some chance I lived it wrong.
Help my soul to pass along.
If to live, I had a week.
Spend it with me and kiss my check.
Remember the words I have to say.
Remember the time I pass away.
If to live I had a day,
I'd try and keep my presence stay.
I'd spend time with my sister until she knows,
that life comes by and then it goes.
If to live, I had an hour.
I'd pray to God and feel his power.
I'd think back to my past with all it's fun,
and cry to all that's left undone.
If to live I had a minute,
I'd feel my life depleting in it.
I'd open my eyes so I may see,
the time when I come perfectly free.
If to live I had a breath,
only one last final breath.
I'd close my eyes and soon await.
If God is real or God is fake.

Copyright 2001 Joseph Michael Egan