Day Break

At day break, nothing breaks but hearts.
Trying but Crying, the problem that makes us part.
At day break.......
Watch the sunset rise in your eyes.
And through the field, 
The armored grass among the granite.
Watermarked leaves among rain.
You watermarked me.
I am the neglecting breeze that ignores your pleas.
Twisting, intertwining, twilight.  
The sudden stare of your silver lining.
That stares, gazes, gapes, at me and at the horrible thing I did to you.
You did not pray, did not convey, so I made not stay.  I walked away.
My mind I explore, for life is a chore,
from the knob to my heart I open the door.
I only wished for something more,
I now am standing alone at shore.
At day break.......
I watermarked you, and the horrible thing that love can do.
Your back was turned and this I've learned, my mind is burned.
Not from the fire, of spontaneous desire, 
but from the acid rain of your pouring pain.
They say, "Good fences make good neighbors"
So the other won't see through the lane of your labors.
And now, a fence between you and me.
To someone else, I will see, 
the sunset rise in their eyes, at day break.
And soon your vision dies with the summer skies.
At day break.

Copyright 2001 Joseph Michael Egan