The Color of Man

Red, the human, the color of blood. Blood not easily moved.
Loud is God, the anger of flood. The Most High, not easily proved.
Blood is given by the Lord. But we are ignorant and give it back.
And soon in life we put to the sword. As we watch our enemies attack.
Red the victim, the color of pain. Black, the shadow, to cover the shame.
The shadow, the evil, the most to maim. Envy, so jealous, the first to blame.
All the Earth is slowly dying. But are all souls lost?
Here we are, we're all relying. At the heart of a Godly cost.
Perfect, no error, the color of God. Green, the Earth, the color of sod.
Grey and black, the color, unclean. Human, imperfect, destroying the green.

Copyright 2001 Joseph Michael Egan