I am alone, a different zone. I am bored beyond belief.
But now I am ready. To ease myself and soon be steady.
I am alone, and what should I do? Thinking of people, I thought I once knew.
But I don't anymore, for I am alone. I think, I wonder, I do this thing naked.
I never sit still and grab what is sacred.
Will I go blind? If I go on? My mind is restless, playing along.
My mind can't perceive if it's true. But as I grow older my body knows too.
That I am the sinner. I do it alone. To famous people on T.V. are shown.
This sin feels so good, but not as it should. So I still continue, I'd stop if I could.
Better and better, I progress. A gathering of images, of people having sex.
If this is a sin, I don't really care. I'm all alone with nothing to wear.
Longer and longer, The feeling still grows. Until my feeling decides to explode.
And only then, I end the sin. And quickly soon, decide to begin.
To be the one, the perfect saint. The holy man, of a holy taint.
But soon again, I can barely wait. to be alone again.
And put to shame, my enjoyable sin.
Until that time my body waits.

Copyright 2001 Joseph Michael Egan