The Portrait of an American

I am a number. I am easily led. I am one of many.
My opinion doesn't matter, after all, my opinion is the same as others.
Daily life, an ongoing struggle to be more liked.
I am afraid of being hated by others. I will destroy your character, if I feel it is necessary to fit in better.
I love money, I love hate, I love being a hypocrite
My life is a living lie, I'm not really happy, like others, I put on a smiling face.
I have no time for God and his stupid games.
I usually join groups for my own benefit, to destroy the truthful person's way of life. My needs are all I care about.
I hate honesty, I hate fidelity, and I hate you.
My thoughts, I make identical to others, I am unsure of myself.
I am what everyone wants me to be, even thought I hate myself, I am an American.

Copyright 2001 Joseph Michael Egan