Wandering Eyes

Wandering eyes are past the sky. Past the Earth where the colors fly.
Never to rest her mind is in motion. And talking away a constant commotion.
A few years of life, the whole world to live. The entire world to her we give.
The entire world will stop and wait. As she has found an innocent state.
And eyes looking out unto the sky. Watching the clouds that pass her by.
She questions me to what she see. "Why is the moon always following me?"
I try to talk but words can't explain. As we were young and just the same.
With truth and lie I intend to sow. "Because the moon has loved you so."
Because in the future, her mind will know. All the world intends to show.
Truth and lie I had to weave. Because her eyes cannot perceive.
But when she does and eyes are clear. And hope so high she cannot fear.
And driving quietly in a car. She sees the moon with dancing stars.
And looks back to a time of what I said. A youthful time in the back of her head.
The moon was there all along. Following her amid her song.
The world has stopped among her way. To help her pass the passing day.
And here I stand amid the night. To help her find the guiding light.

Copyright 2001 Joseph Michael Egan