Anglo-Irish (Dismay)

The poorest land they've ever seen. And all because they wore the green.
Long before the day has past. The hate between two nations last.
So long before the times we've known. A fight has started and since has grown.
A simple mind is everyday standing in dismay (dismay)

The war is growing everyday. But everyday two nations pray.
That God will come and stop the fight. But bombing glare throughout the night.
A battle field from it's birth. The most beautiful emerald on this Earth.
For now the island seems so grey. And all are standing in dismay.

The war continues year by year. They kept their guns and kept them near.
The English came, the first attack. They had the Irish fighting back.
The blood they spilled is sure to grow. The pain can travel for the world to know.
I look upon my land today, and all I see, dismay (dismay)

It doesn't matter who will win. To kill a man is still a sin.
The English all the Irish blame. But when they fight, they do the same.
Here they stand, their blood ingraved. All the island, all depraved.
Here they stand their blood ingraved. Standing in dismay (dismay)

Passing down from father to son. The smoke is rising from the gun.
A border of hate, makes two divides. The faithes of God are taking sides.
The English come and then they go, their armies marching lined in rows.
Feelings moving everyway, standing in dismay (dismay)

The Irish lost their only isle. Their people shoved into exile.
Of everything both sides have done. Neither side can claim they've won.
So here two nations stand today. Both the sides, the blood ingraved.
Pray for now, for faith to stay. For now I feel dismay (dismay)

Copyright 2001 Joseph Michael Egan