Why does life have to be this way.
Why do I stand here, and to you I say.
Why does life seem to hate me so.
But you keep me living so you may know.
That I am still suffering, me eyes are still faint.
My life is not moving but you can't wait.
to add more scar to this cut I call living.
You make me pay, so I keep giving.
And when I'm bleeding on the ground.
You'll stand there to keep me down.
Like the clouds of the day you have changed your shape.
I've seen the sky and the storm awaits.
I am the people and you the storm.
The people you kill and it's land you swarm.
But I am still breathing, I am still me.
My eyes may be faint, but I still can see.
I see you in the distance and for all I care.
To end your hate which is seen so rare.
Rare like a snowfall in a sunny place.
Rare like the happiness touching your face.
Gone is the glory of better days.
Gone is the time I remain at bay.

Copyright 2001 Joseph Michael Egan