Umbilical Residue

Umbilical residue represents what is left after I tore myself away from the womb of christianity. I am a Miscarriage of Christianity. If you dont understand that then I guess you never will.
So lets move on.
Here’s the problem- self righteous, closed minded, holier then thou are arrogant christians.

Here’s the solution- Christianity as well as most religions should be plucked from society like a cancerous growth before it festers and does more damage then it and they (most religions) have already done throughout the ages. Heres an idea. Lets do to them what they have done throughout the ages. Exterminate them in the name of some unforeseen deity. Lets bring back crucifixion, the guillotine and the good ole burn 'em at the stake routine.
This is what they deserve.

Bullets cost too much and our economy is in enough trouble. Sound harsh? Well, if we remember our world history correctly these religious fanatics were just as harsh, if not harsher. All I’ve heard when I’ve mentioned these past events to the modern day warriors of christ is that “they would never do such a thing”. Of course they wouldn’t. We have laws. If they did, they would spend some time in our finest correctional facilities. Plus there is the threat of Death Row. And what of these fruit loops for christ that bomb abortion clinics?

Hmmmm....All in the name of god?
Gee, that sounds familiar. The last time I looked this was a free fucking country. Abortion is legal and a choice. The freedom to chose is just that. A free choice. So accept it and live with it. If not and you dont then pack up and move your sorry ass to China.
But thats another subject.

"Jesus is a Cunt"
Cradle of Filth

As far as I’m concerned religion is a means to control. Scare the mass’s into submission with the threat of some terrible place (i.e. Hell) and that world famous bogey man (The Devil) who takes great joy in torturing unsuspecting souls. Unseen and unprovable. Just like the religious cause.

But back in olden times it wasnt necessary to prove anything.
For if you didnt obey the faction in charge you would surely die a horrible death.
The Crusades, The Inquisition and The Missions are responsible for killing more people in the name of God then anyone has done in the name of The Devil... And he sure has alot of names.

These days the religious elite has taken a different approach. Brainwashing!! Get them while they’re young. From birth preferably. Another good chance to reel in one is to find someone who’s life is in utter turmoil and chaos. Then offer "salvation". Prison is an example as well as word of mouth. Weak minds need someone who they can identify with. They can have it, keep it and shove it. I may sound a bit hostile. Thats because I am.

"Veni Vedi Vici"

Back in the mid 90’s I attended a charismatic church of christ. By the way, I’ve seen pictures of what Jesus supposedly looked like and charismatic he is not. My life was shit. I was in a failing marriage and things were not going good at all. I thought I needed some help with the problems I was having and turned to the church...Big mistake!!! I gave it a shot, my all and really wanted it. I accepted Jesus, went to church, gave the 10% and participated in church activities. I was a model christian. One day a few years later while helping out the church I injured my back picking up and old cast iron tub. Like a shot they gathered in a circle around me to pray and lay on hands.

Needless to say it didnt work. Big shock.Well after the elders were told that their little ritual didnt work they informed me that the reason was because I didnt have enough faith. My lack of faith prevented the supreme healing power of the great and almighty God. Well, that was my cue to get out of Dodge. Maybe it wasnt a lack of faith but a lack of truth. Sheep are easy to tame, easy to herd. Sheep are what they want. Someone who can sike themselves up so much on religious mumbo jumbo that they can overcome anything through the power of their own mind. And where does the credit go? To God of course. And with that the church stays in business.

"Fuck your God"
A Perfect Circle

"People = Shit"

Dont even ask me how the catholic church stays above water. I dont have the slightest idea.
Maybe the Lord has a hard-on for homosexual pedifiles. Or maybe he just likes to watch.
I feel sorry for the women of theses sects. Because if they actually opened their eyes and read that stupid book they hold so dear, they would see that it was totally written from a mans stand point. They, in the bible, are lower then oxen shit in the eyes of God.Women are the bad guys from start to finish. All except for Mary. Ahhh, Mary. "Queen of Heaven".What a joke! She’s mentioned twice. Yet she is the best thing going in the eyes of a catholic. Again, I dont know how they manage to exist. People are stupid. But religious ones are dangerous aswell as stupid.

...And speaking of stupid people.

Question: "Are you a good witch or a bad witch?" (Glenda) Answer: " I’m not a witch at all" ( Dorothy ).
Unfortunately an answer like the above would only get you tortured and then savagely killed back in what I like to call the age of stupidity. In almost a thousand years of paranoia with an endless sea of names, countless numbers of people were persecuted and put to death in horrible ways for very little if at all any reason. Often because of someone pointing their finger for various reasons with no evidence. Alot were condemned by accusing children. Fear, greed and or a power trip was the motive for the self proclaimed lambs of God in getting what they wanted. The reasons to make it justified would be sacrilege and heresy. Something I feel these religious fucks made up as they went along. Join the team or face an unspeakable torture and death should’ve been the Churches motto. They make me sick.

"Let the joyous news be spread the
the wicked old witch at last is dead."
The Wizard of OZ

Deadly Timeline

1245: The first known witch trial began in France.

1257: Pope Innocent IV approves the use of torture against heretics which was allowed until 1816.

1300 till 1500: The Witchcraft trials of England.

1394: The first burning of a “witch” in Ireland.

1428 & 1447: Secular judges in Valais condemned a large number of witches.

1431: Joan of Arc is executed for seeing visions and hearing voices.

1459-1460: 34 arrested and 12 burned in Arras France.

1498: First execution in Spain for witchcraft. With the Spanish Inquisition, trails were rare.

1500 till 1600: The Bamberg witch trials of Germany tortured and killed over 100,000 men, women and children.

1500: The Finnish witch trials of Synopsis began and did not end until 1750.

1574: Gilles Garnier is burned in France. Accused of being a “werewolf”.

1597: Jacques Roulet is also accused of being a werewolf and burned alive in France.

1604: England creates and passes The Witchcraft Act.

1610: Mansfredo Dorlady is charged with being the Devils banker and burned in France.

1647: The first execution of a witch in America.

1673 till 1680: After an outbreak of Satanism in France at least 50 priest are executed for sacrilege. Allegedly practicing Black Magic.

1692: The witch trials of Salem Mass. begin.

Last executions of accussed witches as far as I know.

1610: The Netherlands... 1684: England... 1692: America

1727: Scottland... 1745: France... 1775: Germany.

To believe or not to believe?

Have you ever read the bible? I mean have you ever really read the bible? I ask that because even though many have read it, they really haven't read it. Do you know what I mean? For instance, have you ever wondered why it was alright for Adam and Eve to be fruitfull and multiply when a commandment strickly forbids the practice of adultery. I’ve done a little snooping around and came up with these. You will have to get a bible though because I’m not about to write scripture. Its bad enough I have to read it
...And in this corner....

Bible Bouts

Matthew 27:5 VS Acts 1:18...So how did Judas die?

Matthew 12:40 VS Luke 23:42-43...So what day did Jesus get into Heaven?

James 2:24 VS Galatians 2:16...Faith or works?

Acts 9:7 VS Acts 22:9...Did they hear or not?

Mark 15:20-24 VS John 19:16-18....Who carried the cross?

Galatians 4:22 VS Hebrews 11:17...One or two sons?

Matthew 27:28-29 VS John 19:2-3...What color was the christs robe?

Matthew 21:7 VS Mark 11:7...How many animals did Jesus ride into Jerusalem?

2 Chronicles 22:2 VS 2 Kings 8:26... How old was the King in question?

Numbers 23:19 VS Jeremiah 26:19... Does the Lord change his mind?

2 Samuel 24:1 VS 1 Chronicles 21:1... Was it God or Satan that incited King David?

1 Samuel 17:50 VS 2 Samuel 21:19...Who killed Goliath?

Matthew 17:12-13 VS John 1:21....Is John the Baptist Elijah?
Mark 15:25 VS John 19:14-16... What time did Jesus get nailed?

Heres a tag team match

John1:18 & 1 Timothy 6:16 VS Exodus 33:30 & Genisis 26:2....Can you see God or not?

"Quotes, Rants, Babbles & Shit"

Here are some sayings that I've grown fond of.

"Do what thou wilt!"

"Hey you, it's true, you suck so Fuck You"

"Beware, so long as you live, of judging men by their outward appearance."
Jean de La Fontaine

"The mystery of the begining of all things is insoluble by us; and I for one must be content to remain an agnostic."

"I found the original of my Hell in the world which we inhabit."

"Dont hate the player, Hate the game".

"God is Dead"

"Opiate for the people."
Lenin, talking about religion.

"The goat of lust attacking the Heavens with its horns"
Elipahas Levi, refering to Baphomet

"The Devil made me do it"

"If people are going to hate me, I want them to hate me for the right reasons."
Marilyn Manson.

"Love is not firing the second shot."

"It is better to reign in Hell
then to serve in Heaven"


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